Fielden Hall Improvements
in Energy and Efficiency

Fielden Hall

Fielden Hall is a beautiful Grade II listed Victorian hall adjoining Centre Vale Park in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. The terrace, which is illuminated in the evening, overlooks the beautiful park, and has direct access to it.

In 1954 the old Art School became overflow classrooms for Roomfield School, and then part of the new Secondary Modern School on Ewood Lane, now Todmorden High School.

In recent years Todmorden High School had little use for a cold damp Victorian building and only a few classes took place here. Lack of maintenance, dry rot, damp, and little heating caused severe deterioration of the building, which was finally declared surplus to requirements. It was boarded up in 1992.

After the building was bought by a private Trust the Fielden Centre was created by local volunteers.

Ten years of restoration and refurbishment took place from 1996 to 2006, with the aid of grants from Heritage Lottery Fund, the Town Council, and many others, including local donations.

The Hall is owned by the Calder Valley Community Land Trust – a Community Benefit Society with an established operation already proven in delivering capital base projects.

There is an opportunity to showcase Fielden Hall as an exemplar in how to retrofit a listed building to achieve greater energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and provide a case study to inform not only other listed building owners of options, but also develop a programme of education and activity participation that reinforces learning of climate emergency solutions delivered at a practical level.

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